OuMing Slate Factory is a manufacturer and direct exporter for slate and natural quartz since 2006, We worked with wholesalers, distributors, building contractors and home users for years and started exporting slate and quartz material in limited and unlimited sizes with excellent quality.We carry Cultured Stone and Landscape Pavers in multiple Patterns, Cobblestone, Column Caps, Flagstone, Ledge Stone, Thin Veneer, Mosaic & Medallion, Window Sill. Our goal is to satisfy your requirements for quality natural stone wherever you need it. Our factory is located in Xushui, Hebei Province, which surround abundant stone resources like slate, quartz, and sandstone. The quarries there have been mined for many years with top quality slate, good quality quartz, excellent quality sandstone. Our natural stone can be quarried and cut to fulfill special orders for custom projects in many sizes and colors. For the past years, OuMing Slate Factory has been expanding its product range of quality slate and quartz, includes roofing and flooring slate, flagstone, wall cladding. As a leading slate manufacturer with good reputation in China, our products are green and natural, non-radiation.Our stone veneer has all the warmth and elegance of the real stone from which it was cast, with all of its perfections and imperfections.

Main Products


Cultured Stone

Slate Cultured stone is also named as Ledge Stone, Wall cladding, Stone Veneer. The common size of Cultured stone is 600×150,350×180,300×100 and Z shape etc, which can be done in various of styles and colors. Now become the top choice for interior and exterior project all over the world.



Natural Slate Stone Mosaic is a craftsmanship which composed of marble chips or slate chips or quartz chips together to create different pattern. Mosaic tile is now widely used in interior wall and floor decoration with the advantage of reasonable price and easy installation.



Slate Flagstone is irregular slate paving tile which is becoming more acceptable since the natural slate can be greatly support the test of endurance. Flagstone is excellent choice to your garden, landscaping, wall and floor. It bring the beauty of natural slate to your home.


Net Paste

Net Paste is also named as crazy cut paving stone, which is new concept of paving stone by cutting slate or quartz into formed shape then glue 6 to 9 pieces on mesh within a square meter area. Net Paste is becoming a popular decorating choice for homeowner and public area with its easy installation.


Natural Slate

Natural Slate is widely used in interior and exterior area with its characters and advantages like various colors, durable, frozen resistant, anti slip. It’s suitable for both commercial and residential building, the natural color and surface will make the building become unique.



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